The Perfect Growler for You

With 36 different craft beer taps inside Craft Tasting Room & Growler Shop, it’s easy to pick one of your favorite craft beers and only drink that.  On the flip side you have a wide array of craft beer types that you can choose from.

Craft VIP Event-7

The great thing about growlers is that even if you fill it up with one type of beer this time, you have the option to fill it up with a different beer next time.  They are the ultimate sharing vessel as well.  With your 64 oz growler that the shop sells for $5 you can easily fill it up and take to a friends house and pour a pint for you and 3 friends.


Craft Tasting Room & Growler Shop also offers a 32 oz option if you only want a little bit of a certain craft beer.  We offer 15% off your growler fill a few days a week during our daily specials.

A totally unique experience in Charlotte’s Historic Southend, so stop on by!